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Who was the leader of the Romans when Jesus was born?
Where was Jesus born?
Bethlehem, a town in Judea.
Who did Jesus help?
He helped the poor and sick people.
What did the Hebrew religion believe?
They believed that one day a great leader would come. Some thought that Jesus was that great leader.
How did the Romans feel about Jesus' growing power and influence?
They were getting jealous of Jesus.
After the Romans felt that Jesus was becoming too powerful, what did they want to see.
They wanted to get rid of him.
Who said that Jesus was not obeying Roman law?
Pilate's helpers.
After Jesus was arrested, what happened to him?
He was found guilty of not obeying Roman law and he was sentenced to death.
How did Jesus die?
By crucifixion.
What was the result of Jesus' cruel death?
He became more famous. His ideas spread all over the Roman world. A new, great religion was born.
What do people who believe in Jesus's ideas call themselves?
Why did the Son of God become a man?
He became a man to be the Savior and save all sinners from sin and the judgment of hellfire.
Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?
The death of Jesus was the payment for all the sins of the world.
Four books called the Gospels tell about Jesus. What does Gospel mean?
"good news"
Jesus grew up as a Jew in what small town?
At what age did Jesus begin to preach a new message -- God loved all people equally?
What is an amazing or wonderful event that no one can explain?
a miracle
For how many years did Jesus preach God's love?
One of Jesus' followers betrayed him. Who was it?
Judas Iscariot. He turned Jesus over to his enemies.
How did the Gospel spread?
At first, Jesus' disciples preached their good news only to Jews. But then one of them, Saul, began to preach to gentiles, or non-Jews.