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What is the extreme historical skepticism put forth by Albert schweitzer in his book "Quest for the historical jesus"
we know little about him and he was just an apocalyptic messenger
who was his immediate predecessor in this tradition? What took place at his baptism and after? how long was he in the wilderness?
John the baptist
spirit descended upon him
drove him into the wilderness
Specify the 4 groups and their responses to the jewish situation in the first century.
Sudcees-make best of bad
Pharisees-protectors and teachers of the law
though jesus stood closest with the pharisees
how did his teaching and vision diverge from the pharisees?
Pharisees stressed Yahweh's holiness
Jesus stressed Yahweh's compassion
jewish original name
Apiru (Nomadic wanderers) Hebrews
where does the jewish greatness lie?
Passion for meaning
2 reasons to believe in "the other"
no one claims to be self created
everyone at some pt finds his/her power limited.
4 characteristics that prevented jews to understand "the other" as meaningful
how did the jewish understanding of god resist the previous 4 characteristics
divine unity
basic contribution of judaism to religious thought
on what charge was jesus arressted and who was responsible for his crucifixion
roman authorities areested and executed him for treason
what evidences were there for the disciples to reach the conclusion that jesus was the christd
what he did, what he said, and what he was
why did jesus perform miracles? which gospel records most of jesus' miracles and name a few
to demonstrate the power of faith and compassion for others. Mark
what did jesus' followers find themselves thinking about his actions
if divine goodness were to take human form this is how it would behave
what has been a subject of controversy regarding the content of jesus' teachings according to joseph klausner
you can find every one of them paralleled either in the old testament or it's commentary, the talamud
what were the main features of jesus' language
giganteque and invitational style
4 of jesus' saying that have been most repeated
love your neighbor as yourself
whatsoever you would that men should come unto you, do also unto them
you should know the truth the shall make you free
and 5 examples of jesus' famous parables
buried treasure; pearl merchants; man who had two sons; sowers who went out to sow; good samaritan
how did jesus' teaching about evil, enemy, outcasts, riches and happiness differ from the world's teaching?
jesus' teachings had beauty that would not cover the fact they are hard sayings for presenting a scheme of values so counter is to rock us like an earthquake
two most important facts about life set forth in jesus' teaching
god's overwhelming love of humanity
the need to accept that love and let it flow
what was the most impressive thing about jesus
he not only taught his preachings he lived them
what happened on easter sunday? how were the disciples convinced of jesus' resurrection?
he appeared to them as the same person they had known during his ministry but in a new way. jesus' followers began to experience him in a new way (as having qualities of god)
faith in jesus' resurrecton produced what two things?
believing community (church)
christology (nature of christ)
explain dr. smith's statement that the 'claim of resurrection faith extended ultimately to the status of goodness in the universe'
it contended that since jesus is good that it was all powerful b/c there's so much good in the universe
what was the good news?
greek letters for the word fish are also the first letters of the greek words for "jesus christ, son of god, savior"
name the three snyoptic gospels
mathew, mark and luke
what two qualities transformed the lives of the believers by the good news?
what produced these?
Love and Joy
3 untolerable burdens had been lifted to produce this
what were the 3 untolerable burdens that the early believers had been released from?
fear-including death
self concern/ego
what did jesus have to do with the process of their newly transformed lives?
they had experienced jesus' love & had become convinced that jesus was god incarnate. once that love reached them it could not stop. it melted the barriers
how was the christian love different from conventional love?
conventional love is evoked by loveable qualities in the beloved. love people encounter from christ embraced sinners and outcasts, enemies. was not prudential
who was st.paul? which of his letters became famous in its description of christian love
13th ch. of first corinthians
what does it mean that the church is the mystical body of christ? whwen and where did it come to life(known as the birthday of the church)
human for of life had left earth but he was completing his uncomplete mission through a new physical body
what wer ethe two metaphors used by early christians to identify the corporate identity as church
vine and branches
one body many parts
is there salvation outside the church?
salvation is possible for all being apart of a church visible or church invisible
what is theology and what is the bedrock of christian theology
systematization of thoughts of the symbols that religious experiences rise to
bedrock is the creeds to understand systematically the events that had changed thier lives
two fold signiificance of the doctrine of the incarnation
christ was god man
burden dealt with apostles creed, nicean creed adn chalcedon creed
to insist that christ was man as well; same substance as god; truly god and truly man
doctrine of incarnation according to ireneus
god became man,that man might become god
what are the two ways in which the doctrine of the atonement (reconciliation between god and man) is understood
1.legalistic: adam sinned> must be compensated for god became man in jesus and paid the debt
2. experiential: bondage christ released humanity from sin, which means we have no choice but to takle this unpalatable subject
Doctrine of trinity
3 distinctive roles w/in a single god
1. missionary's journey's of the apostles
2. persecution of romans
3. destruction of 2nd temple
when did the first schims (split) in the church occur
eastern orthodox church and roman catholic church
what is the dual role of the pope?
earthly head of the church, successor to st. peter
define papal infallibility
when the pope speaks on matters of faith or morals god stay him against error
what is a sacrament
it points the way in which we should live, and empowers us to live accordingly
what are the seven sacraments of the church
baptism, confrimation, sacrament of the sick, holy matrimony, holy orders, mass, reconciliation(confession)
two basic sacraments
mass and reconciliation
name the countries where eastern orthodox is dominant
albania, bulgaria, georgia, greece, romania, russia, serbia, senai
church administration:
catholics vs orthodox
who exercises the church's teaching authority?
means by which dogmas are reached-roman church holds that in the final analysis they come through the pope. the eastern church has no pope
what is christian mysticism and which church encourages the mystical life more actively
aim of every life should be union with god
eastern church
when did the 2nd major schism take place in the catholic church. name the main leaders of the protestion reformation
16th century
luther, calvin, king henry VIII, peace of augsburg
explain the two great enduring themes of protestantism
pretestant principle