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A form of theology that explains God without referring to scripture, in the attempt to show that God is universally understandable by human beings
Natural theo
"understanding seeking faith"
In the traditional arguements for the existence of God what is the arguement fthat from the existences of the universe to a necessary cuase outside of it (cause & effect)
Cosmological arguments
One of three kinds of being is depends on something for its existence and that we experices with our senses
Contenjent being
One of three kinds of being not dependent on anything for existence. God is necessary being and stands outside the causes
Necessary being
One of the three kinds of being that says no exlicect is saught or is rejected, universe completley random
no cause
This argues that there must necessarily exist a being greater than which nothing can be thought
ontological argument
This argues from the intricacy of the created world that there must be intelligent design behind it
Argument from design
Seeks to "translate" revelation into propositions for belief; these propositions are called docrine
Doctrinal approach to language about God
What lang. about God seeks to explain revelation in terms of a personal encounter with God; the "I-Thou" relationship
relational approach
What lang. about God seeks to explain revelation in terms of universal human experience and religious feelings about God?
Experiential approach
What lang. about God talks about God using terms that are in some way simular to God and in some ways dissimilar to human experience; eg God as Father
Analogical approach
What lang. about God realizes that all languages about God is inadequate to the reality; seeks not to use words at all to describe God.
Apophatic approach
What term is used with this shit:
God is all powerful but with certain limitations such as can't effect free will, can God create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it. God cannot exceed God own nature and cannot create a being greater than He.
Omnipotence of God
What action of God wind up the clock and lets it run, God does not interact with the world?
(Revelation would be impossible under this view)
What action of God acts though the beings that He has created; eg. though grace?
Secondary causes
What action of God can "suggest" actions but since God's nature "evolves" it does not have a set up plan?
process theology
A denial of a truth of the faith that alters the meaning of the whole Christian Faith
The first major hertic about Christ was __________
Who said son is not equal to the father-believed that son was created as intermediary b/w God and humans
"There was a time when he was not" is a slogan for
Was not called by bishops but by head of roman empire
Council of Nicea
The nicene creed stated "one in being" Jesus is "one in being with God"
Jesus was born not made
Nicene Creed
Father and Son exist at same time, one does not preceed the other
eternal begotten
The council of Constantinople I stated that God the son is seperate from Human Jesus what is this called
Christ has one nature, the divine, subsumes the human
Christ is one divine person fully divine and fully human what council
Council of Chalcedon
"Three persons in one divine essence"
One of the three persons of the trinity the unbegotten; associated primarily with creation and Old Testament history
One of the 3 in trinity;eternally begotten of the Father; the Word becomes flesh; associated primarily witht he incarnation and redemptions of Christ
Son or Logos
One of the trinatiy; proceeds or spirates "breathed forth" from the Father (and the son); associated primarily with grace and sanctification
All of the 3 persons interpenetrate one another in love & act together as the Godhead
Name two heresies about the Trinity
1)tritheism--there are three Gods
2)modalism--there are not 3 persons but merely 3 ways of being God
The way that the 3 persons of the Trinity are revealved in salvation history
economic trinity
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God....and the Word was made flesh and dwelt amoug us"
Starts from the eternal God, who at a point in time "descends" into the humanity of Jesus; human nature is "assumed" by the Son
Decending Christology
The purpose of the Incarnation is to restore the relationship b/w God and human beings
St. Athanasins
Who said in his theory of incarnation that God would have become huan, even if human bings had never sinned and no need for redemption
Starts with the humanity of Christ and "ascends" to the Godhead; difficult to avoid hersey with this view
Ascending Christology
Mother of God
A classical way of understand the cross as redemptive draws upon Hebrew rituals of sacrificing a lamb or bull to atone for acts of disobedience to the Law (torah)
expiation by blood
A classical way of understand the cross as redemptive an innocent person suffers the pently for sin on behalf of the guilty bringing forgiveness to them
perral substituion
A classical way of understand the cross as redemptive the terms in the acient world meant being "brought back" from slavery or imprisonment
A classical way of understand the cross as redemptive a legal term referring to being acquitted of a crime and being declared righteous or forgiven
A classical way of understand the cross as redemptive one person shows their love for another by dying so that the other may live
heroic self sacrafice
A classical way of understand the cross as redemptive combines all of the above ideas in a ritual reflecting the Last Supper of Jesus
Name some titles or images of Jesus during his earlty ministry
New Law giver
Herald of the Kingdom
Son of God
Son of Man
Jesus after death
A) resurrection-concerquing death
B)ascension-after 40 days of visiting apposals goes to heaven in body
C)second coming/parousea-Jesus is comingback
D)judge at end of time-seperate sheep from goats
more fucking shit to know