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Early Christians
Koinonia Christian Fellowship is a body of believers whose goal is to passionately pursue "Koinonia" with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to develop and demonstrate "Koinonia" with one another through covenant relationship, and to expand our "Koinonia" and extend God's heart to the world by reaching the lost through personal and corporate evangelism.
The relinquishment of the form of God by Jesus in becoming man and suffering death.
Holy Ghost
To change one's outlook to see a relationship to God as the only real relationship. This is true meaning of pennance by John the Baptist
3 Doctrines of Council of Nicia
1st: God or Man?
Jesus is both God and Man
2nd: Doctrine of the atonment
Jesus absorbs our sins like sacrifice of Issac
Jesus MEANT to die
3rd: Doctrine of the trinity
God the Father, Justice
God the Son, Atonment
God the Ghost, expression of God
4 Gospels chosen by catholics
Mark: Very Jewish interpretation
Mattew: Tries to prove the messiah role
Luke: Written for non-jews, more about message of god and love, expresses the division of Jews and Christians
John: Divinity of Jesus
Letters, sorta like dear abby for early christians and apositles