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Are the teachings of Paul and James at odds, concerning faith and deeds?
how they relate:
both need faith, it is the main priority
how they don't relate:
james- deeds are a way of showing your faith\
romans- what god has done for us= our faith, how we respond to it= deeds/works
what are the 4 basic requirements for a church leader as described in timothy and titus.
respected by the outside community

spiritual maturity


person of integrity
how does peter each us to view suffering?
what peter says:
suffereing is temporary
suffering strengthens us/matures us
stay loyal to christ during suffering

How it strengthens our relationship with Christ:
if you pur your trust in god, relationship will grow stronger
we learn that we need to trust in him and let him take control of our lives
helps us to learn how we are dependant on god
helps to mature our relationship with god.
why should we love another, and what does john hold up as the best example of love?
why we should love one another:
love comes from god, so loving each other=loving god.
love is a dead that we can live out for God's glory

Peter's example:
God showed love when he sent Jesus, which was the ultimate sacrifice out of his love for us.
1 timothy theme
in ephesus
2 timothy
last goodbye
show me
on crete
I peter
suffering and perserverance
2 peter
growing strong
I john
that you may know
2 John
love and fellowship
3 john
hospitality for missionaries
heresy in church