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Moral Theology
Our response to God
What something is
Who someone is
Material element of human nature
Spiritual element within us
Naturally inclined to know the Truth
naturally inclined to love the true good
naturally inclined to desire the bodily good
Perfect happiness
perfect knowledge of the perfect God
Supernatural happiness
When goods are loved out of love of God, we contemplate the goodness of God in our love of the created good
Natural happiness
obtained through contemplating and loving the natural goodness contained in created goods
Three essential elements for happiness
Contemplating the good that you have; loving the goods that you have; having goods to contemplate, esp. God
Heteronomy (rule of another)
the belief that God arbitrarily sets rules and enforces them
Autonomy (self rule)
the belief that people make their own truth
Participated theonomy
humans are moved as free rational subjects that can participate in God's knowledge, love, and freedom
Internal principles of acts
the powers of the soul and habits that perfect them
Exterior principles
Law and grace
an ordinance of reason, for the common good, made by proper authority and promulgated
Eternal Law
the Eternal Reason of God that moves all things to their proper end
Divine Law
Given to humans supernaturally through divine revelation and the promptings of the Holy Spirit
Old Law
The Old covenant, esp. the 10 commandments
New Law
the grace of the Holy Spirit and the written word of the Gospels
Natural Law
Our reason's natural participation in eternal law
Human Law
Laws made by humans to establish order on earth
unmerited supernatural gifts that are given to us thorugh Christ's death and resurrection
Uncreated grace
the gift of God himself
Created grace
changes taking place in us that make us holy
Sanctifying grace
when God makes us like God by allowing us to participate in divine nature
Actual grace
the movement of the Holy Spirit