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what is a transition?
a crossing or passage
who is the model for living fully?
what is a transitional period?
lasting from about ages 19-25, leads a person out of adolesence and into young adulthood
why will we never have a total grip on our identity?
because we keep changing and are always more that we imagine
what is our sense of identity?
a sense of who we are
what is self-esteem?
an understanding of our own worth and an attitude of cherishing ourselces, even when other may put us down or devalue us
what is closely related to knowing our feeling?
knowing our wants
what is a talent?
an ability or aptitude that has value
cosmic control?
genetic control?
appearance, health, aptitudes and talents
cultural control?
being a member of a particular family or race
circumstantial control?
major historical events
what is in our control?
what we do with our talents
a healthy ability to shape our own life and actions
a state of relying on ourselves, not on others, to fufill our needs, or give insight
that delicate and healthy blend of independence and dependence
taking on the practices and views of another group or people
false autonomy?
behaviors that off the illusion of idependence from family; groupthink, jailbreak--pregnancy or marriage
christian freedom?
means that we can see the big picure beyond our own narrow interests, and are able to respond to the needs of real situations and real people
when freedom becomes unlimited choice without regard to others
personal power?
the ability to influence our own life and the people and events around us
nurturing power?
power used to foster another person's well-being
shared power?
when our personal power is used to complement or increase other people's power