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What are special journeys called for Christians?
The Chritian holy places can be put into 2 groups name them.
1)those in the Holy Land of Israel
2)those associated with saints
During festival times, especially at Easter, thousands of pilgrims gather together in where and why?
the pilgrims gather at St Peter's Square to recieve the blessings of the Pope, which he delivers in 50 languages
The most famous healing shrine is at _______ in _______
Lourdes in France
There in ____ a 14-year old girl called ________ ________
had 18 visions of the Virgin Mary.
1850, Bernadette Soubrier
There are many pilgrimage sites in Britain including _____(which is off the Scottish coast) and _________
Iona, Walsingham
The head of the Roman Catholic Church
A person in the Christian Church who is recognised for their holiness of life
Mary, the mother of Jesus
Virgin Mary
Jerusalem is a very important holy city to ____, _______ and ________
Jews, Christians ans Muslims
It was here that _____ _______, the most important Jewish king, made his capital city and where his son _________ built his first great Temple in ________
King David,Solomon,95BCE
About what year was jesus crucified?
It is here that the mosque of the _____ of the ______-one of the most sacred Muslims site-is situated
Dome of the Rock
Solomon's great Temple was destroyed in _______
The Romans destroyed this Temple in ______
After Mecca and Madinah, ________ is the most holy city in Islam.
The Dome of the Rock mosque commemorates what?
the Night Journey that the Prophet Muhammad made on a winged horse through the seven heavens to meet Allah
The day on which Christians remember the death of Jesus
Good Friday
All healthy adult Muslims,must make the _______,which is wat?
Hajj,which is the annual pilgrimage to the city if Mecca atleast once in their lifetime
The pilgrimage must take place during the which month
The month of Ramadan
The Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and by going on the Hajj each pilgrim is showing what?
His or her obedience to Allah
As they reach the outskirts of Mecca pilgrims wash and put on special clothes to symbolise ________ which is
ihram,the state of purity entered into by those making the Hajj
Every one is dressed in the smae way to show what?
that all people are equal before Allah
As they enter the city what do the pilgrims call out?
We have come in answer to your call, O Lord
Once in the city each pilgrim walks around the Ka'bah how many times?
seven (7) times
Moving in an anti-clockwise direction and always keeping the Ka'bah to his ________,each pilgrim tries to _______the Black Stone at the base of the Ka'bah
It was between the two hills of ______ and _______ that Isma'il's mother,Hajar, ran frantically to and from looking for water, only to discover that her young son had already been shown a well in desert by God
Safa and Marwa
This well is called ________ and pilgrims try to return from the Hajj with some water from the well.
The following day, after sunrise, pilgrims set out for __________ _________
Mount Arafat
After spending the night in the open, they collect ____ stones on their way to Mina
Once there,they throw the stones at 3 stone pillars.These pillars represent the what and remind them of what
the devil,and reminds the pilgrims that Isma'il was tempted by the devil to rebel against his father Abraham
What festival ends the Hajj?
the festival of Id-ul-Adha
India is famous for what?
Its holy places, rivers and mountains
India has ______ holy rivers and the _______ ________ is the most sacred of them all
seven (7), the River Ganges
Hindus believe that bathing in any of these river removes _______which is?
karma which is actions or deeds
If a person's ashes are sprinkled on the waters of one of the holy river their soul is released form the cycle of ______,______,______ and ______
birth, life, death and rebirth
Which god is most widely worshipped in Hinduism?
Shiva, the Hindu god of life, death and rebirth
the holiest Hindu town is ________.Why?
Benares.This place is special to Hindus because of its location on the banks of the River Ganges,close to the place where the rivers meet
Benares is holy beacause?
the Hindu belief that the great god Shiva once lived there
Along the 3 mile strecth of the River Ganges in Benares there are steps called________?
Benares is holy beacause?
the Hindu belief that the great god Shiva once lived there
Along the 3 mile strecth of the River Ganges in Benares there are steps called________?