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What were redcoats?
British soldiers named that because the their bright red uniforms
What happened in the Battle of Bunker Hill?
It demonstrated that despite British superior firepower, the colonists could withstand frontal assault. (patriot morale victory...only morale!)
What were minutemen?
members who were ready to fight on a minutes notice
Describe the First Continental Congress. What was the only colony not represented?
September 1774: 56 delegates met in Philadelpia. Many protestan group people attended. They picked the best way to respond to the British which was to continue boycotts and warn the militais.
What was the Contintal Army?
Who led it?
An army led by George Washington that was organized and funded to defend the colonists
Describe the Second Continental Congress.
Leaders decided how to act now that open hostilities had taken place. Decided to fund a Continental Army.
What was the Olive Branch Petition?
It was signed July 5th and it was named after the peace symbol. It was a peace request made on the colonists behalf
Who was George Washington?
A Virginian leader. He led the Continental Army and was a well-respected veteran of the French and Indian war
What is a siege?
a military blockade of a city or fort