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Joint Protection:
What are the 6
1: Respect Pain
2: Maintain MS strength and ROM
3: Avoid postions that put stress on affected joints
4: Avoid staying in 1 position for a long time
5: Use strongest jnts and MS
6: Distribure workload over several joints
Give example of Joint Protection: Respect Pain
-Don't ignore pain
-Don't repeat activity if pain persist after 1-2 hrs
-Break task into steps, or use less effort
Give example of Joint Protection: Maintain MS strength and ROM
-Move joint to its fullest ROM and MS strength daily
-Use long flowing strokes
-Reach for light items (to use fullest ROM)
Give example of Joint Protection: Avoid putting joints in stressful positions
- hold knife like a dagger or use a pizza cutter
-dusting mitt helps keep fingers extended
-avoid opening using ulnar deviation
Give example of Joint Protection: Avoid from joints being in one position too long
-avoid holding books
-avoid holding a bowl
-Don't start an activity that can't be stopped if jnt begins to hurt
Give example of Joint Protection: Use stronger joints and MS
-stairs: strong leg up, weak leg down
-don't hold purse w/hand, use shoulder, fanny pack, backpack
-push door open w/forearm
Give example of Joint Protection: Distribute pressure evenly among joints
-carry with both hands
-use both hands
-use palms instead of fingers to grasp and hold
-carry close to body
-slide objects
-wear splints