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Most of the Western Hemisphere is covered by these continents...
North and South America
What are low hills at the base of a mountain called?
What are people who enter a country to settle called?
What are small steep-sideed plateaus called?
What place is comprised of eight large islands and many smalled ones?
What is an area of land identified by common physical or cultural characteristics?
What are people's ideas, language, religion, and history called?
cultural features
What is the lowest and hottest place on Earth called?
Death Valley
What is the name of the meridian opposite the Prime Meridian called?
International Date Line
To say that New Orleans lies on the Mississippi River is to give its...
relative location
A cartographer is someone who...
makes maps
Maps made by Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli guided...
Christopher Columbus
Latitude and longitude are measured in degrees and...
The coordinates of a place give that place's...
grid address
A map that shows the main products made in each of the 50 states would be called a...
special purpose map
Central America is an example of...
an isthmus
California is the only place in North America where you can find a ....
Mediterranean climate
The four major bodies of water are oceans, rivers, lakes and...
Lakes and rivers supply people with freshwater, transportation routes, and...
Essay question: Explain one reason that a mp is better to use than a globe.
1. you can see all 4 hemispheres at the same time
2. easier to carry
3. a map gives yu true direction and true distance