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history of IGO
steep rise, fall, , over 250
histroy of NGO
steady rise, over 35,000
UN (hist/purpose)
-founded 1945
-peaceful resolution of disputes
-state sovereignty confirmed
-functional tasks
-encourage human rights and freedoms
UN (structure)
-security council
-gen assembly
-int. court of justice
-economic and social council
-trusteeshil council
UN(aspects of)
-gen ass-south
-sec coun-north
-conroversy un budget
-controversy over inefficiency
UN (ideaolgy)
freedom, equality, solidarity, toleranc, respect for nature, shared responsibility
-successor to GATT
-promotes stable intnat econ order and smooth intnat trade
-formal adjudication in trade disputes
-decreases state sovereignty
-dominated by major powers
relationship of agreements between two states
nonintervention norm
external interference in domestic issues illegal
World Bank
-created in1944
-private and gov loans to developing countries
-uholds intnat economic system
-promote econ/pol development and environ sustanibilty
International Monetary Fund
-1944 bretton woods
-stabalizes international monetary exchange rates
-lender of last resort
-dom by wealthy states
-tension with global s
security community
a group of states whose institutionaliztion collaboration results in the settlement of disputes by compromise, not force (EU)
-neoliberal theory
-single econ
-most west euro, now most east eu
-contst with pre-EU europe: war and economic competition
EU (components)
-council of ministers (final say)
-Eu commision(promote laws)
-Eu parliment(increasing power)
-Court of justice (interprets law)
Third Way
try to soften impact of the social impact of free market economy by gov regulation to preserve social justice and individual freedoms
NGO (characteristics)
-often work with IGOs such as UN
-challenge sovereignty
eg red cross/crescent, greenpeace
ethnopolitical groups
common nat, lang, cult, kinship
multi nation corp
know shit