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person who wanted to end slavery.
frederick douglas
african american abolitionist who wrote an anti-slavery paper called the north star.
william loyd garrison
white abolitionist published liberator.
the grimke sisters
angelina and sarah grimke daughters of south carolina slaveholder.
the underground railroad
network of abolitionists who helped slaves escape in the north or canada.
sojourner truth
isabelle thought god wanted her to fight slavery so she spoke truth across the land.
lucretta mott
quaker and mother of 5 children wont respect of many with her persuasive logic.
elizabeth cady stanton
daughter of new york judge. father wanted her to be a boy. joined an anti-slavery convention.
seneca falls convention
meeting where leaders of the womans rights movement called for equal right for women.
emma willard
opened a high school for girls in new york where women would learn mens subjects.
mary lyon
opened first womans collage mount holyoke in massachusetts.
elizabeth blackwell
attented medical school at geneva collage. first woman in U.S. to earn medical degree.