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1st leader of Frank
Pepin III
Had no power, went to Pope and asked him to crown him and he did---"crowned by the grace of God"
*1st ruler of Carolingian Empire
*Fights continually
*Appoints counts
*True supporter of the church
*Encourages education
*Copies biblical criptures
Gregory I
Involved in politacl and spiritual matters
Innocent III
Declared Papal Supremacy
Overthrew 3 German Kings
Forced king of France to take his wife back
Gregory VII
Pope who closed all Catholic churches in Germany
Henry IV
named the bishop of his county
St. Benedict
Code of Laws for Monks
William I
Conquers the English in 1066
Henry II
Jury system and common law
King John
signed Magna Carta
Thomas Beckitt
Priest assassinated by Henry's knights
Philip IV
French Parliament
Estates General
Otto I
Begining of HRE
Crowned emperor of the Romans
Queen of the Sciences
Thomas Aquinas
ground route of Catholic theology
Summa Theologica
Peter Abelar
= Thomas Aquinas
Abbot Suger
Wanted churches higher and lighter
Louis XI
AKA Spider, imposed taille
John Hus
Leader of the Czech reformers to end corruption of papacy and clergy
Henry V
Won battle at Agincourt
Philip IV
Captured the Pope