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What type of response do cholinergic drugs produce?
Same physiological responses as the neurotransmitter ACh
Increase synthesis, release and reduce catabolism of ACh
What does the drug Donepezil (Aricept) do?
First drug approved by FDA for ALL degrees of AD type dementia
What are some direct acting cholinergic drugs and what do they do?
Direct stimulation of cholinergic receptors
Synthetic (esters of choline): Bethanechol and Carbachol
Natural: Acetylcholine and Cholinemimetic alkaloids (pilocarpione and Nicotine
What are examples of indirect acting cholinergic drugs and how do thye work?
Elevate endogenous levels of ACh
How does ACh work, what is it used for and for how long and ADR's?
Clinical use is a minimal, very short duration, nonspecific (affects all cholingeric receptors)
For intraocular use, contracts smooth muscle of iris for ocular surgury (cataracts)
Burning, itching, headache
What is Carbachol used for, how does it work, what does it do?
For intraocculr/pupilary surgury
Has a nitrogen substitue which reduces its interaction with cholinesterase and making it last longer
What is Isopto Carbachol used for and how does it work?
Topical treatment for open-angle glaucoma
Facilitates outflow of aqueous humor
Most potent direct-acting cholineric drug
What are the ADR's of direct acting cholingeric drugs?
sweating, flushing, headache, cillary spasm with decreased vision (temporary), cramping, urinary urgency (b/c they increase GI activity and urinary function)
What are the contraindications for direct acting Cholingeric drugs?
Corneal abrasions, acute iritis
Precautions necessary for asthma, peptic ulcer, GI, urinary distress
What is Bethanechol used for, the ADR, Contraindications?
Treatment of NONOBSTRUCTIVE urinary retention, neurogenic atony of urinary bladder
ADRs same as cholingeric receptors do
Peptic ulcer, asthma, coronary artery disease, AV conduction problems, parkinson, pregnancy, urinary obstruction
What is a major contraindication for Cholingeric drugs?
Do not use with parkinsons b/c it will make it worse, Anticholingeric drugs are used in early parkinson
What is Pilocarpine used for,how does it work, ADR, and contraindications?
It is a natural product for open angle glaucoma, narrow angle glaucoma prior to surgury and Reversal of cycloplegics and mudriatics after eye exam or surgury
It is a cholinomimetic alkaloid the has direct cholinergic receptor activation
Cilliary spasm, headache, difficult focusing, provocation of asthma
Contraindicated in acute iritis and inflammatory conditions of anterior chamber