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Cholesterol granuloma is also known as cyst of the ?
Petrous apex
Cholesterol granuloma is also known as acquired?
cholesteatoma of the petrous apex
Cholesterol granuloma is due to obstruction of ?
Aerated petrous bone apex
Inciting event is small blood vessel rupture with recurrent hemorrhage in petrous apex due to negative pressures in petrous air cells from chronic obstruction. This elicits a foreign body reaction by mucosa of air cells, causing giant cell and fibroblastic proliferation and cholesterol crystal deposition with subsequent recurrent subclinical hemorrhages.
Cholesterol granulomas have accumulations of ____ and repeated ____?
secretions, hemorrhages
Cholesterol granuloma presents with _____ or dysfunction of the ___ and ____ th cranial nerves.
Headaches, 6, 7
Cholesterol granuloma is characteristically expansile ?
Yes, as the host response perpetuates itself
On T1 and T2, cholesterol granulomas are ?
bright, due to subacute hemorrhagic products and cholesterol debris
What kind of enhancement may cholesterol granulomas show?
What should cholesterol granulomas not be confused with?
Congenital cholesteatoma.
Congenital cholesteatoma has what kind of intensity on MR?
CSF-like, thus not bright on T1WI