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Well being is
happiness and satisfaction with life
how is well being measeured
by self report
bottom up thory
well-being is the sum of the postive exp in ones life
top down theory
general tendency to evaluate and interpret exp in a positive way
whats the most impt. factor in subjective well being
what are four predictors
Self esteem,positive social rel., extroversion, optimism
self esteem
provides a snese of meaning and value
positve social relationships
provides social support and emotional intimacy
someone who is interested in things outside of themselves
seeing things in a positive manner
when we talk about a perso presenting with low levels of neuroticism what does that mean
the less neuroticism, the higher the subjective well being
How is self esteem maintained
self enhancement, self-assessment, self-verification
Positive illusions
assoc. with better physical health,outcomes and better coping with adversity; occur more with strangers than friends
adaptation process
after being exposed to a certain stimulus, we become habituated and adapt to that level rather quickly(lottery winners)
climate and weather
do not determine long-term well-being
reasons for leisure
1. fulfills need for autonomy
2.allwd. enjoyment of family life
3.provided relaxation
4.escape from routine
little distiction between self and environment, stimlus and response, and time