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Chloride is in charge of:
ECF osmolality
Chloride effects body pH by:
playing a vital role in acid-base balance
Chloride combines with___ ions to produce HCL.
Chloride is transported by:
passive transport. it follows Na+
The 4 possible causes of hypochloremia
prolonged vomiting,excessive GI suctioning, diarrhea, perfuse sweating; diuretics, low sodium diets, excessive administeration of bicarb.
The 3 possible causes of hyperchloremia
hypernatremia, metabolic acidosis, ingestion of salicylate, ethylene glycol, or methanol
The 4 symptoms of hypochloremia
hypoventilation, tetany, paresthesia of the extremities; restless confusion, convulsions
The 6 symptoms of hyperchloremia
hyperventilation to blow off excess carbon dioxide, hypotension, decreased cardiac output, peripheral vasodilation, headache, lethargy
a condition characterized by cramp, convulsions, twitching of the muscles, and sharp flexion of the wrist and ankel joints
any subjective sensation, experienced as numbness tingling, or a "pins and needles" feeling