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what is special about chlamydia that affects treatment
no peptidoglycan layer so can't be treated with penicillin
why is chlamydia an obligate intracellular organism
needs ATP
what are the two forms of chlamydia
elementary body and reticular body
C pneumonia is refered to as the?
what percent of the US seroconverts with Chlamydia pneumonia
30-50 is infected and can seroconvert when their immune system is comp
what is c pneumonia associated with
atheroscleritic plaque
C. psittaci is associated with?
influenza or pneumonia from pet birds
C. trachomatis is associated with is associated with?
eye and genital infection
what are the serotypes associated with disease (serotypes are based on outer membrane differences)
what is trachoma infection serotype
A, B, C
Trachoma infection is common where?
middle east, pacific Islands, Asia
how does trachoma work
lymphoid follicles form turning the eyelids inward and scarring the cornea with the eyelashes
Inclusive conjunctivitis involves what serotypes
what is inclusive conjunctivitis
mucopurulent discharge 2-25 days following birth resolves slowly over a few months
what is inclusive conjuntivits associated with
neonate pneumonia, afebrile, low mortality
non-gonococcal urethritis is associated with what serovars
what is the most common non-gonococcal urithritis
chlamydia 30-50%
how much more common is chlamydia than gonnorhea
2-3 x
what percent of males are asymptomatic
what percent of people are coinfected with chlam and gon
how long does gonorrhea take to show up? how long does chlamydia
gon takes 2-7 days chlam takes 2-3 weeks
does gonorrhea or chlamydia have bacteria in the exudate
chlamydia can cause ? in women
cervicitis which may progress to PID in 8% and can be associated with third trimester abortions
LGV (lymphogranuloma venereum) serovars?
L1, L2, L3 only 300/year in US mostly in africa, asia, south america
how does LGV present
inguinal Buboes
Chlamydia is associated with what syndrome/sequela
Reiters (arthritis, conjunctiva, urethritis)
how do you diagnose chlamydia
ELISA, IF confirm with culture and PCR
epidemiology of chlamydia
6 million cases of blindness, 10-40% of african children are infected
what is the response to chlamydia
doxycycline or azithromycin NOT SILVER NITRATE