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Bai Shao
Paeoniae Radix Alba
Properties: Bitter, Sour, Slightly Cold
Channels: Liver, Spleen
Dang Gui
Angelicae Sinensis Radix
Properties: Sweet, Acrid, Warm
Channels: Heart, Liver, Spleen
E Jiao
Asini Corii Colla
Properties: Sweet, Neutral
Channels: Kidney, Liver, Lung
Gou Qi Zi
Lycii Fructus
Properties: Sweet, Neutral
Channels: Kidney, Liver, Lung
Long Yan Rou
Longan Arillus
Properties: Sweet, Warm
Channels: Heart, Spleen
Sang Shen
Mori Fructus
Properties: Sweet, Cold
Channels: Heart, Liver, Kidney
Sheng He Shou Wu
Polygoni Multiflori Radix (non preparata)
Properties: Bitter, Sweet Astringent, Neutral
Channels: Liver, Heart, Large Intestine
Shu Di Huang
Rehmanniae Radix Preparata
Properties: Sweet, Slightly Warm
Channels: Heart, Kidney, Liver
Zhi He Shou Wu
Polygori Multiflori Radix Preparata
Properties: Bitter, Sweet, Astringent, Slightly Warm