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releives toxicity, expels wind heat warm -febrile diseases, intestinal abcess
jin yin hua 9-15 gm
Relieves tox, dissipates nodules, expels external wind- heat
lu, ht, gb
Reduce abscess, dissipates clumps, drains damp, relieves PUD
PU GONG YING 9-30 gm
Relieves tox, deep rooted boils and other hot swellings, abscesses, red swollen eyes, snakebites
ZI HUA DI DING,9-30 gm
Which herbs are good for sore throat??
She gan, shan dou gen, ban lan gen, ma bo
Carbuncles, heat disorders, snake bites, PUD= dries dampness,
Chuan xin lian 6-15 gm
Relieve toxicity, cools blood and reduces blotches
Da qing ye 9-15
Clears heat and relieves toxicity, cools blood and disperses swellings
Qing Dai 1.5-3 gm
Preventative for flu, Cool blood, benefit throat, mumps
Ban Lan Gen 10-15 gm
Carbuncles, swollen throat, wind fire eyes, itchy skin, eczema
Wild Chrysanthemum+ Ye JU hua 6-12 gm
Expels pus, dispels blood stasis, and stops pain
Bai Jiang Cao: 9-15
expels wind and dries dampness, relieves toxicity
Benefits throat, relieves toxicity, transform phlegm, clears lung
She Gan 1.5-9 gm
Benefits throat, and reduces swelling, Treats cancer
Shan dou gen 3-9 gm