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The applications of Ding Chuan Tang-
arrest wheezing decoction
Asthma d/t wind cold attatcking superficially with internal retention of phlegm-heat- wheezing and coughing w/ Thick yellow and copious phlegm. fullness and oppressive sensations over the chest, fever and chills, a rapid and slippery pulse and yellowish and greasy tongue
Application of Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
(Perilla fruit decoction for directing Qi downward)
Cough and wheezing- excess in upper (retention of COLD-phlegm in the lungs) and deficiency in lower (KD not grasping) NO WIND COLD: wheezing, dyspnea and cough w/ copious and clear sputum, SOB, choking sensation over chest/diaphram, LB soreness/weakness, fatigue, edema: P- slip/tight T- White/greasy
Ingredients of Si Mo Tang
(4 milled herbs decoction)
Wu Yao- 9g
Bing Lang- 9g
Cheng Xiang 3g
Ren Shen (ginseng)- 3g
Actions of Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang
(Inula [flower] and Hermatite
Lowers counterflow Qi, eliminates phlegm, tonifies Qi and regulates the stomach
Dry heaves, frequent eructations
The applications of Tao He Cheng QI TANG (PEACH PIT DECOCTION TO ORDER THE QI)
Blood stasis syndrome (xue yu) d/t aggravation of blood stasis and heat in the lower jiao: Distending pain over the lower abdomen, night fevers, irritability or restlessness, delirious speech, in severe cases possible manic behavior, normal urination, deep, full and choppy pulse and a purplish or reddish tongue
Applications of Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
(drive out blood stasis in the mansion of blood)
Blood stasis w/in the mansion of blood (over diaphram): localized and stabbing pain over the chest and hypochondrium, with HA, incessant hiccough, nausea or dry heaves, palpitations, insomnia, irritability, evening tidal fever, d. prpl lips and complexion P- choppy, wiry or tight, and T- PRPL or dark red with PRPL SPOTS ON SIDE
Ingredients of Shi Xiao San
Sudden Smile Powder
- Wu Ling Zhi- activates blood, dispels stasis and relieves pain

Pu Huang- strong promote blood circulation and relieves pain

-irregular menses, dysmenorrhea
-Compare Shi Xiao San (sudden smile powder) and Dan Shen Yin (salvia decoction)
Sudden smile is blood activate only
Salvia D. is both qi and blood moving
Both activate blood and stop pain

Sudden sm. is middle jiao
Salvia D. is upper/middle jiao

both- chest pain, angina pec., epigastric pain
Applications of Bu Yan Wu Tang
tonify yang to restore five decoction
Doesn't tonify yang, maybe yang Qi
- Sequale of stroke classified as pattern of QI DEFICIENCY with blood stasis obstructing the meridian- Hemiplegia, facial deviation, aphagia, slobbering, atrophy of limbs, frequent urination or incontinence, a weak pulse, T- pale, prplish with white coat
KNow the chief and dosage
Actions of Gui Zhi Fu Ling wan
Cinnamon and white poria pills
Activates blood, dissipates blood stasis and abdominal masses
(original was- threatened miscarriage)
formula can be used long-term
Applications of Shen Hua Tang

Generation and application decoction
Blood stasis in the womb, chong and ren channels d/t blood deficiency and cold invasion during post-partum: abdominal cold pain with retention of the lochia after labor, a choppy, or wiry or tight P, T- purplish with prpl spots
:Retention of lochia
- expel cold
- remove blood stasis
- blood deficiency- nourish blood (least important)
Applications of Wen Jin Tang

warm the menses decoction
deficiency cold of the chong and ren channels with blood stasis: Irregular menses w/ clots (either cylce or bleeding is irregular), infertility, cold pain over the lower abdomen, evening fever, feverish sensation over the palms and soles, dry mouth and lips, P-slow, deep choppy T- purple and pale
- blood deficiency
- cold
-Actions of Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang

revive health by invigorating the blood decoction
(general for traumatic injury) fresh acute injury(rhubarb- chief to deal w/ acute heat nature)- compare to drive out the blood stasis
-Activate blood
-remove blood stasis
- dissipates Lr Qi
- Dredges meridian passage
Use of Die Da Wan

Trauma Pill
Blood stasis caused by trauma

(fractures, contusions and strains)

what is a good formula for traumatic injury? This!
Actions of Shi Hui San
Ten Partially-Charred Substances Powder
Cools the blood and arrests bleeding

what type of bleeding?
- upper body bleeding- nose, coughing, vomiting

what herb removes and prevent blood stasis?
-6th herb lotus leaves
ingredients of Huai Hua San

Sophoria Japonica Flower Powder
C- Huai Hua (fried)- damp heat, st bleeding

D- Ce Bai Ye- clear heat, st bleed by astringent property
Jing Jie- clear wind, enters blood level, st bleed
A/E- Zhi Ke- relaxes intestines to clear damp heat
Applications of Huai Hua Sam

Sophoria Japonica Flower Powder
Bleeding in stool or hemorrhoid bleeding classified as wind-heat and toxic damp obstruction in the intestines: Bright red bleeding which PREcedes defecation, dark-prpl blood w/ clots w/in stool, hemmorrhoids w/ either bright red or dark red bleeding, P- wiry/soggy or rapid, T- red w/ ylow coat
Applications of Xiao Ji Yin Zi

Cephalanopolos herb decoction
painful urinary dysfunction w/ blood in urine d/t static-heat accumulated in lower Jiao and damaging the vessel:
dark painful urination w/ urgent and burning sensation, complicated w/ hematuria, thirst and vexation, P-rapid/forceful T- red w/ ylw coat
Compare applications of

Huang Tu Tang
Yellow Earth Decoction
Gui Pi tang
Huang Tu Tang
Sp yang deficiency and bleeding- when you see cold

Gui Pi Tang-
Don't see the cold
Actions/Applications for Yu Ju Wan
Actions- Activate Qi and disperse stag

App- Six Types of Stag (QI!!!, blood, phlegm, dampness, fire and food): fullnes and oppressed sensation over the chest or hypochondria, epigastric and abdominal distention or pain, acid regurgitation, belching, bloating, vomiting or nausea, eructation, indigestion, P- wiry/slip T- white and greasy

Qi stag in LR and/or SP middle jiao
Formula for Plum Pit Qi- and it's ingredients?
Ban Xia Huo Po Tang
Pinellia and magnolia Decoction

C- Ban Xia
C- Huo Po
D- Fu Ling
D- Su Ye
A- Sheng Jian
Application of Ju He Wan

Tangerine Seed Pill
Hernial disorders d/t damp-cold invading the LR channel- rock-like hardness and swelling scrotum, testicular swelling w/ colicky pain radiating to lower abdomen, oozing a ylw fluid form scrotum, possible abscess and ulcerate in sever cases, P- wiry/slip T- white/greasy
Six-milled herb decoction (liu Mo Tang):

modified from what and used for what?
modified from 4-milled (si mo tang)

good for abdominal pain and constipation
Actions of Si Mo Tang

4 milled-herb decoction
Invigorate qi circulation, directs qi downward, and expands the chest and dissipates clumps
Applications of Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang

Inula [flower] and Hematite decoction
Phlegm turbidity obstructing th einterior w/ concurrent ST qi deficiency: Frequent eructation or dry heaves; vomiting or belching, nausea, FULL sensation over epigastrium, poor appetite, gooey stools P- wiry/weak T- white/slippery
Actions and Applications of
Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang

Clove and persimmon Calyx decoction
Action- Replenish Qi, warm middle Jiao, direct rebellious qi down, and stop hiccough

Application- Reb ST qi d/t def cold in ST: HICCOUGH, belching or vomiting w/ a stifling sensation in the the epigastrium, focal distention in chest that is relieved by warmth and pressure P- deep and slow T- pale w/ white coat
Actions and Applications of Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang

Tangerine peel and bamboo shaving decoction
Action- directs reb qi down, stops hiccough, tonifies qi and clears heat.

Applications- Reb St qi d/t concurrent ST def and ST heat: hiccoughs, nausea, dry heaves, vomiting
Compare Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
Clove and persimmon Calyx d.

Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang
Tangerine peel and bamboo shaveing decoction
J.P.Z.R.T.- reb qi w/ deficient ST and ST HEAT

D.X.S.D.T.- reb ST qi w/ deficient COLD ST.
Common ingredient between
Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
Clove and persimmon Calyx d.
Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang
Tangerine peel and bambooshaveing decoction
Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang
Clove and persimmon Calyx decoction
Si Mo Tang
4 milled-herb decoction
Sheng Jiang
Actions and Applications of
Gua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jiu Tang

Trichosantes, Chinese Chive and Wine Decoction
Actions- Unblocks the yang, dissipates clumps, activates the movement of qi, and expels phlegm

Applications- Chest bi syndrome (painful obstruction in chest) d/t clumping of yang qi: Dull aching over chest which often radiates to upper back, wgeezing, coughing w/ copious sputum, SOB, p- deep/wiry WIRY/TIGHT T- white & greasy coat
The formulas that are included in Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang

Drive out the blood stasis from the mansion of blood decoction
6 substances (modified 4 substances)
4 herbs
The role of Niu Xi and Jie Gen in Drive out the blood stasis from the mansion of blood decoction
Niu Xi and Jie Gen...
The applications of:
Unblock the orifices and invigorate the blood decoction

Drive out blood stasis below the diaphragm decoction

Drive out blood stasis in lower abdomen decoction

Drive out blood stasis from a painful body decoction
1- accumulation of blood stasis in the UPPER BODY or Chronic disorder from blood stasis
2- Blood stasis BELOW THE DIAPHRAGM and MASSES in the abdomen or hypochondrium
3- Tx syndrome of cold accum, qi stag,w/ pain or not painful masses in the LOWER ABDOMEN or pain w/out masses, sore LB during menses, distending pain to lower, and menses issues with stag
4- painful obstruction syndrome d/t qi & blood stag that obstructs the channels and collaterals
Actions of Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang

tonify the yang and restore the five tenths decoction
Strongly replenishes the qi, promotes blood circulation, and dredges the meridian passages
Chief herb of Yu Ju Wan
Xian Fu- soothes teh LR and activates Qi circulation
The Chief herbs of
Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang

revive health by invigorating the blood decoction
Da Huang (purgative)- activates the blood and breaks up blood stasis, remove blood through bowel movement (goes down)

Chai Hu (LR channel herb)- disperses LR qi, directs the formula to enter the liver channel (goes up)
Types of bleeding that Shi Hui San

10 charred substances powder
Hemorrhage classified as FIRE BLAZING in the upper/middle jiao: Hematemesis, epistaxis, spitting or coughing blood
Ke Xue Fang (Coughing blood formula) is used to treat:
coughing up blood d/t LR fire scorching the Lung
Types of bleeding that Si Sheng Wan (four fresh substances pill) treats:
Upper body bleeding d/t heat in the blood- hematemesis, epistaxis
The actions of Huai Hua San

Sophorae japonica flower powder
Purges damp heat, stops bleeding, disperses wind and activates qi movements
Application of Xiao Ji Yin Zi
General principle in tx traumatic injuries: invigorating qi and blood circulation and removing blood stasis:
promoting the subsidence