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[wèi] for, for the sake of, in order to, in this connection
[zǐ] child, son; 子女 zǐnǚ sons and daughters; 儿子 érzi son
[hé] together, with, (F龢) harmony, gentle, mild, kind, <family name>; 和平 hépíng peace
[nǐ] (Alternative feminine form: 妳 nǐ) you, your; 你们 nǐmen you (plural)
[dì] earth, ground, soil, place, position, distance; 地支 dìzhī the Twelve Terrestrial Branches
[chū] go out, come out, in direction out from something, emit, issue, prouce; 出现 chūxiàn appear, emerge, (F齣) <classifier for operas and plays>
[dào] way, path, channel, way, say, a streak (of light), doctrine, <classifier for rivers, topics, etc.>, (=道教 Dàojiào) Taoism; 知道 zhīdao know
[yě] also, as well; 也许 yěxǔ perhaps
[shí] period, season, (=时间 shíjiān, =时候 shíhou) time, (=小时 xiǎoshí) hour
[nián] year, <family name>; 今年 jīnnián this year; 明年 míngnián next year; 去年 qùnián last year; 中年 zhōngnián middle age
[de] <adverbial particle: verb + 得 + descripion>; 走得快 zǒude kuài walk quickly
[jiù] just, simply, right away; 就要 jiùyào about to (do something); 这就是我! Zhè jiùshì wǒ! This is simply me!; 他就要去. Tā jiùyào qù. He is about to leave.
[nà] that
[yào] want, will, shall, need, important, essential; 主要 zhǔyào main, fundamental
[xià] below, under, (go) down, next (as opposed to previous/last)
[yǐ] use, take, according to, because of, in order to; 可以 kěyǐ OK, may; 所以 suǒyǐ so, therefore, as a result; 以外 yǐwài beyond, except
[shēng] give birth, life; 先生 xiānsheng mister, gentleman, Sir
[huì] can, able, meet, meeting, society, union, party
[zì] from, since, (=自己 zìjǐ) self; 自然 zìrán nature
[zhe] <verb particle marking a continuing progress/state>