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Where does China rank in size to other countries?
the 3rd largest
Who had an influence on China's culture?
What dynasty did China get its name from?
Give three facts about the Great Wall of China?
it can be seen from space,its the largest man made structure,and 1500 miles long
What was the name for the land route that connects China to Europe?
the Great Silk Road
What beatiful fabric did the Chinese first discover and use?
What was the first real paper made of?
the Mulberry tree
How were the Chinese able to print even though the movable type was not practical for there language?
paper money
What was the first type of printing used?
carving into bark
Who made China known to the outside world?
Marco Polo
What did Marco Polo establish once he opened China up to the world?
a Trading Route between China and Europe
Why is Hudson Taylor called the "Father of Faith Missions"?
Because when ever he went to China on a missionary trip he asked God for the things he needed not other people.