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Four Modernizations
Hua's leaders thought that current successors must carry out the departed leaders wishes. Therefore, they followed Zhou Enlai's 4 modernizations:
Science and technology
National defense
Tiananmen Incident
1976. April 5th the Ching Ming Festival took place. 2,000 people demonstrated mourning the death of Zhou and protesting the power of Jiang Qing and the gang of 4.
Consequences: arrested, beaten etc. The government declared the inceident counter revolutionary and removed Deng frm all offices as being the Ultimate instigator. Hua was promoted to premier and chair of the party.
Hu Yaobang
1915-1989. Chinese Youth was under control by the faction devoted to Hu Yaobang. He was the former head of the Youth League, and Deng's chief liutenant. After Hua was driven from power, Hu Yobang replaces Zhang Pinghau
Gang of Four Trial
1980-1981. The trial which showed that the Jiang Qing group had framed Zhou Enlai and Deng to create favorable conditions for themselves to usurp party leadership and also prosecuting 3/4 million people and killing nealry 35,000.

She got life in prison and died in 1991 from suicide (it's thought)
Beijing Massacre
1989. Protestors, many of them students, were protesting the China communist regime and it was shot down on June 4th 1989 by an issue ordered by Deng Xiaoping