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Fuzhou dockyards
first casualties of sino-french war were here
Wei Yuan
inspired an interest in the west but wanted to use old technique of barbarians vs. barbarians
Feng Guifen
-saw the west as a threat but also as a source of solving the dangerous problems that it itself created
-He was the first in China to urge the use of barbarian techniques against barbarians which became the hallmark of the self strengthening movement
-Also the first to coin the phrase “ziqiang”.
Ziqiang (to "self-strengthen")
term coined by Feng Guifen
Zhang Zhidong
-Official of the late qing
-Wanted to preserve traditional Chinese values while adopting western science and technology at the same time (ti/yong)
ti = substance
yong = function
chinese learning at heart, western learning would have a subordinate and technical role
Yan Fu
-Most famous graduate of the Dockyard school
-Sent to England to continue his naval studies
-He became famous not as an admiral but as a writer and translator
yamen (government office)
-Economic sponsor was crucial, secured on the shipping line
-Investors made money, and political sponsers benefited but they failed to sustain and growth
-Failed to train Chinese technical personal and plagued by bad management and corruption
"rice christians"
false converts to christianity
-1871, the Russians used a muslim rebellion here to try to occupy the yili river region.
-1877, gov control established, Russians retreated
Sino-French War
-War with France
-French expansion into Vietnam
-France seized Saigon and gained control of various provinces
-france seized northern capital and qing sent troops
-war fought in vietnam, taiwan, and coast of china
-first casualties at fuzhou dockyards
Cochin China (French Indo-China)
southern provinces that french seized control of
french fought in both of these protectorites
Sino-Japanese War
-Catalyst was a religious rebellion inside Korea.
-Evolved to become a rebellion in 1894 when Korea was struck by a famine.
-China sent 1500 men to Korea to help rebellion, the rebellion was repressed.
-Japanese soldiers entered Soel and LiHong sent more troops which led to WAR!
-Japan defeated China
-Reasons for outcome
-Japan Better equipped, better led, and more united
Treaty of Shimonoseki
-Ended the sino-japanese war
-China relinquished all claims to a special role in Korea
-China paid japan the indemnity and gave over Taiwan and the peskadores island (This started the formation of Japanese empire)
-Most favored nation status, and the opening of 7 aditional Chinese ports of trade
Liaodong peninsula
Japan was to receive the Liaodong peninsula, but European powers were scared so Japan had to settle with indemnities instead.