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In the first how many years do babies have the fastest growth weight and birthweight?
How much is the babies weight after the 1st year
It has doubled the birthweight
How many teeth does the baby have by the time he/she is 1?
6 or 7
How many teeth does the baby have by the time he/she is 2?
What part of the baby's body is considerably larger?
The head
How much does the brain weigh by year 1?
70% of body
Is it true that the upper arms develop before the feet and legs?
Yes it is true
What is a factor that can be affected by environment?
What is healthy, nutritious, and forms an immunity to dificients?
Breast milk
The father should not be present when the mother is breast feeding?
What should you never do while feeding a baby?
Place he/she in a crib with a propped bottle
What happens to babies who have mothers who are severly depressed?
Ther have more activity in their right frontal lobe which are negative emothions
What happens when a baby is contiually exposed to milk?
tooth decay
For the first 6 months of a babies life what kind of milk should he/she drink?
breast milk or iron rich milk/formula
At what age can a child drink whole milk?
age 1
How many ounces of juice should a 2-3 year old drink?
4 to 8 ounces
What kind of food should be introduced one at a time?
fruits and vegetables
What is the axon that communicates meurons?
What should the axon be coated with?
What helps neurons that are damaged by giveing the ability to recover?
What happened when kittens were given goggles with lines?
They were only able to see the lines that were visible in the goggles
What happened to the adult cats who were fitted with the same goggle?
there was no effect to the vision
What happened to the rats that were exposed to an enriched environment?
They had heavier cortex and brains.
What happened to the rats that were isolated?
They had no synapses
What is one factor that develops sensation?
What sensory will be severly distorted if you do not develop this function early in life?
What percent of the cerebal cortex is devoted to vision?
What is the lack of visual detail?
What is the ability to see fine detail and is extremely limited?
visual acuity
What could help straighten out eyes?
cordial implants, glasses, or patch
What happens when eyes are misaligned?
The brain does not take in information from the bad eye.
By the time babies are 5 months what is their vision?
Why and how do babies descriminate against sound?
They have an increased sucking motion during a pleasant sound and this is because they can hear sounds in the womb.
What is babies being unable to hear linked to?
autism and being unable to relate to people
What is supposed to focus sound
ear muscles
How many decimals higher does sound have to be to for an infant to hear?
10 to 20 decimals
How old is a child until their hearing finally reaches adult level?
12 to 13 years of age
At what age can an infant detect changes in loudness and pitch?
6 months
At what age can the child determine where the sound is coming from?
18 months
Infants have a very keen sense of ...
Infants are able to distinguish every type of taste. Which taste do they prefer?
What does general touch release?
How often should prematures be massaged daily?
3 times a day for 15 minutes.
What is the finished product and organizes the sensation?
What is it called when babies can tell how far away the object, size, and shape constancy?
depth perception
By 5 months what cues do infants develop?
What is it called when infants can tell the closer the lines the farther the distance?
linear perspective
What is a monocular cue that shows when an object blocks the view of another the other seems far away?
What requires both eyes to work together and is developed at 3 months?
Binocular cues