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Culture encompasses the behavior patterns, beleifs and all other products of a particular group pf people that are passed on from generation to generation.
Cross-cultural studies
Comparisons of one culture with one or more other cultures. They provide information about the degree to which childrens development is similar or universal across cultures and to what degree it is culture specific.
It is rooted in cultural heritage, nationality characteristics, race, religion and language.
Ethnic Identity
It is the sense of membership to an ethnic group. It is based on shared language, religion, customs, values, history and race.
Socioeconomic Status
It is the grouping of people with similar occupational, educational and economical characteristics.
It involves the psychological and sociocultural dimensions of being male or female.
It is the biological dimension of being male or female.
Social Policy
It refers to the laws, regulations and government programs that influence the welfare of its citizens.