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What did Lilly wear all over her arms and legs to look brave?
What did Chester and Wilson do during the summer?
They reminded each other to wear sunscreen so they wouldn't burn.
What did Chester and Wilson do during the fall?
They raked leaves together.
Retell about how Chester and Wilson played baseball.
They never swung at the first pitch or slid headfirst.
What did Lilly always carry in her back pocket?
A loaded squirt gun.
What did Chester and Wilson do when Lilly called them on the phone?
They disguised their voices.
What did Lilly wear everytime she left the house?
A disguise.
What did Chester and Wilson say to Lilly when she asked them to play?
They said they were busy.
What did Chester always have for breakfast?
Toast with peanut butter.
Which kind of a list did Chester duplicate (copy) for Wilson?
Christmas list.
How did Wilson feel when he swallowed a watermelon seed?
He cried.
After Chester and Wilson taught Lilly hand signals when she rode her bike, what did she teach them?
How to pop wheelies.
How did Chester and Wilson always dress for Halloween?
They always dressed as things that went together.
What did Lilly do to protect Chester and Wilson from the older boys?
She frightened them away with one of her disguises.
What did Lilly use to cut her sandwiches?
Cookie cutters.
How did Chester, Wilson and Lilly dress for Halloween?
They dressed as The Three Blind Mice.
What did Chester and Wilson do during the winter?
They threw snowballs at each other.
What do you think happened when Victor moved in?
Write a sequel.
What did Chester and Wilson do during the spring?
They shared the same umbrella.