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it usu takes the lung about how long to reexpand?
2-3 days
if you are seeing continuous bubbing what do you think of
a leak
rule #1 in drain set up
always keep ypur directions
prior to insertion, what do you need to do
obtain a baseline vitals
monitor vitals during procedure
make sure the consent is signed
gather necessary equipment and lay pt with effected side up. Give pain medication
Things to observe in client w chest tube
chest tube dressing and site surrounding tube insertion
Tubing for kinks, depensdent loops, or clots
chest drainage system, which should be .....
after chest system insertion
assess vitals every 15 minutes. for 2 hrs
pulmonary status
assess the water seal for fluctuations or tidaling with clients inspiration...
things to be at every bedside of a pt with a chest tube...
regardless of the type of system the client has, tape the two padded hemostats to the foot of the client's bed along with ....
chest tube controversies. 2...
you should not clamp the chest tube long term!!! Never routinely clamped. Can only briefly do it if you are changing ______

Milking or stripping tubing should only be done with a physicians orders. The stripping screws with the pressure, which is not good. Only do with the physician present. Milking presses and release to try to get stuff to move down there. Vigorous milking or pressure can cause lung damage.
chest tube removal prep
assess the need for preremoval analgesia and obtaing the required medication orders. It is important that the client take a deep breath and hold until the physician has removed the tube.
removal of the chest tube is the _____ responsibility
subcutaneous emphysema feels like...
bubble wrap
Rule #2 in chest tube maintenance and removal is ....
assess assess, assess
important things to remember...
check the dressing
check the drainage

keep every thing level

make sure the tube from the drainage system is open!

No stripping

check the tidal

no dependent loops

no bubbling