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Pin Yin: Heart pain, pain in the chest
Xin Tong
pinyin: True heart pain, pain in the chest with cyanosis of face, arms, & feet
Zhen Xin Tong
pinyin: Yang collapse heart pain, pain in the chest with cold limbs
Jue Xin Tong
Aetiology of Chest Painful Obstruction
1. External Cold

2. Diet (Phlegm forming)

3. Emotions: worry, brooding, anger, resentment, frustration & depression

4. Old Age: Declining Kidney Yin or Yang
Clinical Manifestations:
Distending pain in chest that moves from place to place

Tongue: Normal
Pulse: Wiry
Stagnation of Qi in the Chest

Move Qi, relax the chest,
soothe the Liver & Heart,
stop pain
Ren-17: move qi in chest

P-6: moves qi in chest, relaxes & opens chest

SJ-6,GB-34: moves qi in hypochondria

Liv-3: moves Liver qi

BL-15, BL-18: back shu of Heart & Liver

BL-14: back shu of pericardium

Formula: Xuan Fu Hua Tang
Stagnation of Qi in Chest
Clinical Manifestations:
Pricking pain in chest which is fixed and worse at night, palpitations

Tongue: Purple, especially in chest area or on the sides (chest area)

Pulse: Deep & Choppy
Heart Blood Stasis

Move Blood, eliminate stasis,
invigorate the Connecting channels,
stop pain
BL-13: descend qi, move blood & qi

BL-14, Ren-17, BL-15, Ren-14:
back shu and front mu Ht and Pc

P-4: stop pain

P-6, ST-40: open chest

SP-10,BL-17: move blood

Du-12, 11, 10: move qi & blood in chest

SI-11: Move blood in chest
when pain extends to scapula

Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang variation
Guan Xin Su He Wan
Fu Fang Dan Shen Pian
Dan Shen Pian
Heart Blood Stasis
Clinical Manifestations:
Pronounced feeling of oppression in chest, pain in chest extending to shoulder or upper back, breathlessness, heaviness, dizziness, white sputum

Tongue: Swollen, sticky, white coat

Pulse: Slippery
Turbid Phlegm Stagnating in the Chest

Invigorate Yang, resolve Phlegm,
open the orifices
P-6: opens chest

BL-14, BL-15, Ren-17, Ren-14:
shu/mu Pc & Ht

ST-40, Ren-12, Ren-9, SP-6:
resolve phlegm

BL-13, LU-7: open Lung passages

LU-9: resolve phlegm from Lungs

Gua Lou Xie Bai Ban Xia Tang

Jia Wei Gua Lou Xie Bai Tang
(Phlegm & stasis of blood)

Huang Lian Wen Dan Tang
Xiao Xian Xiong Tang
(Phlegm Heat)
Turbid Phlegm Stagnating in the Chest Treatment
Manifestations: Severe cramping, chest pain extending to scapula, tightness in chest, palps, breathless, difficulty lying down, pale complexion, cold limbs, chest pain on exposure to cold, helped by warmth
Tongue: Pale, bluish-purple

cyanosis of lips & nails, cold sweat, severe stabbing pain in chest. purple tongue knotted pulse
Stagnation of Cold in Chest

Invigorate Yang, scatter cold,
remove obstruction
BL-14, BL-15, Ren-17, Ren-14, PC-6

Du-20: moxa, raise the yang

Ren-6 & Ren-8: moxa, warm yang & expel cold

ST-36: needle moxa, tonify yang, expel cold

Herbal Treatment:
Zhi Shi Xie Bai Gui Zhi Tang: cold with qi stag.

Gua Lou Xie Bai bai Jiu Tang: Cold

Dang Gui Si Ni Tang: cold, cold hands

Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang: cold, phlegm fluids

Tong Mai Si Ni Tang & Su He Xiang Wan: severe cold, yang collapse

Kuan Xiong Wan: cold with phlegm obst. orifices.
Stag. Cold in Chest Treatment
Clinical Manifestations:
oppression & pain in chest, palps, night sweat, insomnia, sore back & knees, tinnitus, dizziness, 5-palm heat.

Tongue: Red, no coat, heart crack
Pulse: Fine-Rapid
Heart & Kidney Yin Xu

Nourish Yin, benefit Kidneys, nourish Heart, calm mind, stop pain
BL-14, PC-6, Ren-17: move qi

BL-23, Ren-4, KI-3: tonify kidneys

HE-6: nourish Heart-Yin, calms mind

KI-25: local, chest pain

Zuo Gui Yin: nourish Kidney Yin

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan: tonify Heart & Kidney Yin
Heart & Kidney Yin Xu treatment
Clinical Manifestations:
oppressive feeling in chest (comes & goes), palps, breathless, tiredness, dislike speak, pale, dizziness, blurred vision, all aggravated by over-exertion

Tongue: Red, no coat
Pulse: Fine or Weak
Qi & Yin Xu

Tonify Qi, nourish Yin, move Blood, invigorate the Connecting channels
LU-9, BL-13, HE-5, BL-15: tonify lungs & heart

Ren-17 & PC-6: move qi & xue in chest

ST-36, SP-6, Ren-4: tonify Qi & nourish Yin

Sheng Mai San & Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang:

Zhi Gan Cao Tang: tonify qi, yang, xue, & yin
Qi & Yin Xu Treatment
Clinical Manifestations:
oppression & dull pain in chest, breathless, palps, sweat, cold, cold limbs, bright-pale complexion, cyanosis of lips & nails, tired, poor appetite, insomnia

Tongue: Pale or Bluish-Purple
Pulse: deep-weak
Spleen & heart Yang Xu

Tonify Qi, warm Yang, move Blood,
invigorate the Connecting vessels
BL-15, Ren-14, HE-5: moxa, tonify Ht Yang

BL-20, Ren-12, Ren-6, ST-36, SP-6: moxa, tonify Sp yang

BL-23, Du-4: moxa, warm Ki yang

PC-6: open chest, stops pain, relieves oppression.

KI-25: local, move qi & blood

BL-13:moxa, tonify Lu yang - thus Ht.

Shen Fu Tang & You Gui Yin
Spleen & Heart Yang Xu