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Modes of Action
Either by directly killing microorganisms (bactericidal) or by inhibiting their growth (bacteriostatic)
Pcn- inhibit cell wall synthesis in bacteria.
Other agents chloramphenicol, erythromycin, tetracyclines, and streptomycin, inhibit protein synthesis by acting on 70Sribosomes.
Polymyxin b cause injury to plasma membranes.
Rifampin and the quinolones inhibit nucleic acid synthesis.
Agents such as sulfanilamide act as antimetabolites by competitively inhibiting enzyme activity.
Antiviral Agents
blocks the penetration or uncoatingof influenza A virus.
Acyclovir-AZT, ddl and ddC
Inhibit DNA or RNA synthesis
Nevirapine(viral enzymes)
inhibits reverse trnascriptase and protease inhibitors which block an HIV enzyme.
Subject to hyperacute rejection
Inhibit spread of viruses to new cells.
Nystatin & amphotericin B
combine with plasma membrane sterols are fungicidal
interfere with sterol synthesis and used to treat cutaneous and systemic mycoses.
interferes with eucaryotic cell division an dis used to treak skin infections caused by skin infedctions caused by fungi.
Antimetabolite of Cytosine.
Antiparsitic Agents
Chloroquine, quinacrine, dilodohdroxquin, pentamidine, metronidazole
Used to treat aprotozoan infections.
Niclosamide, mebendazole, praziquantel,piperazine
Antihelminthic drugs
Mebendazole disrupts microtubules-pyantel pamoate, paralyzes intestinal roundworms.
Antibiotics- Pencillin and others
Pencillin-effective against gram positive cocci & spirochetes.