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What type of drug is piroxicam?
non steroidal anti inflammatory agent with antitumor activity in model animals
What type tumors is piroxicam effective against?
transitional cell carcinomas, or urinary tract infection and relief of hematuria
What is the side effects of piroxicam treatment?
GI toxicity with mucosal bleeding and even perforation
What causes resistance to treatment of piroxicam?
steriod use
What effect does "steriod euphorsis" have on life?
improves the quality of life
How will the anti-inflammatory agent in piroxicam help the condition?
it will help to control pain
What are the corticosteriods?
hydrocortisone, prednisone, and dexamethasone
What is the effect of corticosteriods on tumors?
direct lymphocytotoxic effect with symptomatic management of mast cell tumors
What effect will be seen if there is a high dose of corticosteriods given?
polydipsia, polyuria, and increased appetite(methylprednisone may produce less polydipsia and polyuria)
If corticosteriods are given over a 2 week duration, what procedures must follow?
must taper the dose to discontinue use