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What spp. is known to loose whiskers after chemotherapy treatment?
What main drugs are known to cause alopecia in poodles, terriers, and Old English Sheep dogs?
cyclophosphamide and/or doxarubicin
What is the MOA of cyclophosphamide?
causes killing by cross linking of DNA
Where is cyclophosphamide metabolized?
metabolized in the liver
What is cyclophosphamide metabolized to in the liver?
the active cytotoxic metabolie, acrotein and phosphoramide mustard
What clinical sign is seen when acrotein is present in the body?
blood in the urine
Where is cyclophosphamide excreted?
primarily by the kidneys, so decrease dose and interval in renal disease
What are some side effects of cyclophosphamide?
bone marrow suppresion
nausea and vomiting
hemmorrhagic cystitis
Which side effect is only seen when cyclophosphamide is given in the morning?
hemmorrhagic cystitis
What type of tumors is cyclophosphamide effective against?
lymphomas, carcinomas, and sarcomas
What drugs is cyclophosphamide effective in conjugation with?
vincristine or doxarubicin
Why is cyclophosphamide not used in intracavitary toxicity?
because ti must be metabolized to the active form in the liver
What is melphalan and what is it used for?
melphalan is a akylating agent used in treatment fo multiple myeloma in combination with prednisone
What is melphalan used in combination with to treat multiple myelomas
What is the most common side effect of melphalan after prolonged use?
What effect does cyclophosphamide have on the WBC count?
WBC nadir occurs in 7-10 days and recovers in 7-14 days
How is melphalan administer and when is it given
Oral(mostly in Vetmed) and injectable, given on an empty stomach
What is the slowest acting and least toxic alkylating agent?
What drug is used when cyclophosamide has many side effects, such as hemorrhagic cystitis?
Is marrow suppression reversible or irreversible with chlorambucil treatment?
What is Chlorambucil used to treat?
chronic lymphocytic leukemia
small cell lymphoma
thymoma in dogs and cats
When is Chlorambucil given for best effectiveness?
on an empty stomach
How often is a blood count given during induction with chlorambucil?
every 2 weeks
What is the mechanism of action of dacarbazine?
alkylation of nucleic acids
When is dacarbazine primarily used?
in relapsed lymphoma in combination with doxorubicin
What is the side effects of dacarbazine?
irritating when injected and causes phelbitis and irritation with extravasation
vomiting and nausea
What alkylating agent is not commonly used in veterinary medicine?
What alkylating agent is used primarily in vet med for treatment of CNS neoplasia?
What are the two nitrosureas alkylating agents?
CCNU(lomustine) and BCNU(carmustine)
Which nitrosureas is available in oral form?
Lomustine (CCNU)
Which of the nitrosureas are available in IV form and is painful when injected?
BCNU (Carmustine)
Which nitrosureas mya be affective in canine mast cell tumor?
CCNU (Lomustine)
When do you expect to see vomittion or nausea after administration of nitrosureas?
immediately after
To prevent nausea after administration of nitrosureas, what drug(s) is given?
butorphanol or ondansetron
When will you expect to see neutropenia and how long will it last after nitrosureas treatment?
Seen as early as 1 week and can last up to 6 weeks
What effect does nitrosureas have on the bone marrow?
it causes bone marrow suppression