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What do we call the property of some elements to exists in several forms in the same physical state. name three elements that do this.
allotropy......Oxygen, Carbon, Sulfur
What are three uses of the this gas(nitrogen)?
fertilizer, nylon, refrigant.
Who discovered oxygen and what was its original name?
Joseph Priestley Schell.......diphlogieston
How is this gas(nitrogen) prepared two ways?
Haber process and ??????
What protects us from the UV radiation from the sun and what destroys it?
Ozone layer.........CFC's Clurofloracarbons
Why is carbon-dioxide so important to living things?
it is used in photosynthesis by plants
Most abundant gas in the universe.
What are three uses of oxygen?
weld metals together, get impurities out of steel, to help people with breathing problems to breathe easier
What happens when trapped carbon dioxide insulates the earth?
greenhouse effect
If a glowing spint reignites in a gas, the gas is?
Name two ways to prepare hydrogen.
single replacement and electrolysis
List three ways to prepare oxygen.
Decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide, potassium chlorate with magnesium catalyst, electrolysis
What can the greenhouse effect lead to?
melting of all or most of the polar ice caps.
If a burning splint foes out with a popping sound in a sample of gas, the gas is?
Name two ways in which ozone is produced?
Ulraviolet rays and electrical currents.
Who discovered hydrogen and what was its original name?
Henry Cavendash......Phlogiesten
How is most carbon monoxide produced?
need answer.....
Which gas when inhaled in large quantities combines with the hemoglobin in the red blood cells to kill you.
CO...Carbon monoxide
What are three uses of carbon dioxide?
Used in photosynethesis by plants.....
need other answers........
Name three ways in which nitrogen is important.
needed to produce amino acids, used to freeze blood, refrigerant
Who gave us our present names of hydrogen and oxygen?
The most important compound of nitrogen.
The most abundant gas in the atmosphere.
need answer.......