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Substances such as hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid, which are made by combining materials that occur naturally on Earth and are later combined w/ other substances to produce materials used by people, are
the study of the relationship b/t the structure and the properties of matter and the use of this knowledge to produce new materials is...
As the speed of an object increases, its kinectic energy
Once the chemist has developed a new material, the role of the chemical engineer is to...
develope a production process and design and opperate the chemical plant used in making the material
What reduced the ability of pesticides to control damage caused by insects
resistant strains of insects developed
A property of matter that shows up as a resistance to any change in motion is called...
According to Einstein's equation
mass and energy are equivalent
The energy that an object has becuse of its position relative to something that is attracting it is...
potential energy
Which of the following objects has kinetic energy
a falling book
A property of all objects that enables them to do work
Einstein's equation E=mc2 indicates that
matter can be neither created or destroyed
___ would be studdied by chemical engineers rather than by chemists
The design of a chemical plant
Radiant energy is transfered by
electromagnetic waves
the transfer of energy from the sun to the earth is in the form of
electromagnetic energy
Energy possessed by an object because of its motion is...
kinectic energy
As the distanse b/t an object and the surface of earth increases, the potential energy of the object...
The top produced chemical in the U.S. each year is
sulfuric acid
In Einstein's equation E=mc2, c represents...
the speed of light in a vacuum
Anything that has the property of inertia
The idea that the atom can be pictured as a "plum pudding" consisting of electrons embedded in a ball of positive charged like pieces of fruit in bread is an example of a