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Formula for rate; r=
(change in molarity/seconds)
Rate of reaction is determined
When Keq is greater than one
Products are favored
When Keq is less than one
Reactants are favored
When Keq= 0
then same value for products and reactants
Rates of reaction
molarity per second
When _________ = _________
reactants have reached equillibrium
forward rate=reverse rate
Equilibrium is ___________ dependent
At equilibrium, concentrations are constant but
not necessarily equal
The Factors Affecting Reaction Rates
1) Nature of Reactants
2) Concentration for liquids solids and gases
3) Pressure for gases
4) Catalyst
5) Temperature
6) Surface Area
Rate Law
Concentration will
be molarity
Some pairs of ions form
insoluble compounds
The degree of dissocation is
extremely small
Kw - Constant of Water
1.0 x 10