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we do we have to be careful not to confuse the extent to which an electrolyte dissolves with whether it's strong or weak?
because a substance may be extremely soluble but may not break down into ions
distinguish between a strong electrolyte and a weak electolyte
substances in solutions that are almost completely ions-strong electrolytes

weak electrolytes only ionize slightly
what does a double arrow mean?
the reaction is significant in both directions. it also symbolizes the ionization of a weak electrolyte
what are nonelectrolytes?
molecular substances that dont form ions when they dissolve in water-they form nonconducting solutions
what does a single arrow mean?
represents the ionization of STRONG electrolytes(strong like popeye...) heehee
what is an electrolyte?
solutes that exist as ions in solution
what happens to an ionic solid in water?
the ionic solid dissociates into ions in the solution
what process happens to HCl(g) in water?
forms H+ and Cl- ions, it ionizes to form hydrochloric acid(aq)
what type of substance is a nonelectrolyte?