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What is a substance?
Single pure form of matter
What is a physical property?
A characteristic that we can observe or measure without changing the identity of the substance.
What is a chemical property?
The ability of a substance to change into another substance.
What is an intensive property?
A property that is independent of the mass of the sample.
What is an extensive property?
A property that does depend on the mass of the sample.
What is the equation for density?
density = mass/volume
What is a systematic error?
An error present in every one of a series of repeated measurements.
What is a random error?
An error that varies at random and can average to zero over a series of observations.
What is energy?
A measure of the capactiy to do work.
What is kinetic energy?
The energy that a body possesses due to its motion.
What is potential energy?
The energy that it possesses on account of its position in a field of force.
What is the equation for kinetic energy?
Ek= 1/2mv^2
What is the equation for potential energy?
Ep = mgh
What is total energy?
kinetic energy + potential energy
What is acceleration?
The rate of change of an object's velocity.
What is the equation for force?
mass x acceleration = force
What is velocity?
the rate of change of position that has both magnitude and DIRECTION.
What is speed?
The rate of change of position regardless of the direction of the motion.
What is work?
Motion against an opposing force.