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Wavelength of Cosmic Rays
Wavelength of Gamma Rays
and effect on motion of molecules
10^-12 to 10^-11 m
Nuclear Transitions
Wavelength of X Rays
and their affect on molecules type of transitions
10^-11 to 10^-8m
break chemical bonds and ionize molecules
Electric Transitions
Wavelength of UV Rays
and their affect on molecules
10^-8m to 400nm
cause electrons to be promoted to higher energy levels
Electronic Transitions
Wavelength of Visible and their affect on molecules
400 to 800 nm
cause electrons to be promoted to higher energy levels
Wavelength of Infrared and their affect on molecules
800nm to 10^-3m
Wavelength of Microwave and their affect on molecules
10^-3 to 10^-1
rotational motion
Wavelength of Radio and their effect on molecules
Spin Oreintation
Wavelength Frequency and Speed of Light
Wavelength x Frequency= Speed of Light
Energy Planck's Constant and Frequency
1/Wavelength Usually in units of m^-1 or cm ^-1
Motion of Formaldehyde
and Cause
1-3 Translation of entire molecule in the x,y,z direction
4-6 Rotation about the x,y,z axis
7. symmetric stretching
8. asymetric stretching
9. C-O streching
10. Symmetric Bending
11. Asymetic Bending
12. Out of Plane Bending
(Increasing Wavenumber)
Cause- IR and Microwaves
Vibrational Transitions
Involve Rotational Transitions
Electronic Transitions
Involve Rotational Transitions and Vibrational Transition
Possibility A of Excited Molecule When Energy is absorbed