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Peridic table
organization scheme for elements
vertical columns of the periodic table (properties change regularly)
Metals- def
an element that is a good electrical conductor and a good heat conductor
Kinds fo Metals
malleable (can be hammered ot molded)
ductie: drawn into a fine wire
tensile strength: ability to resist breaking when pulled
Most have a luster

Mercury: liquid Alkalis: soft
element that is a poor conductor of heat and electricity
element that has some characteristics of metals and some characterisitics of nonmentals.

All solid at room temp., less malleable than metals, but less brittle than nonmetals.
Semiconductors of electricity

1 2, 2, 1 from silicon then lst is one over
Noble Gases
generally unreactive
Group 18
Group 1 Alkaline Metals
extremely reactive, one electron in the outer ring
Group2 :alkaline
earth metals
the first rown on botom
second row on bottom