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Define Intramolecular forces
forces within the molecule
list the types of intramolecular forces
Ionic, covalent, and metallic
What is the strongest intramolecular force?
What is the weakest intramolecular force?
What can intramolecular forces tell us?
Define intermolecular forces.
forces between multiple molecules
list the types of intermolecular forces.
1) dipole-dipole
2) hydrogen bond
3) London dispersion (aka van der Waals)
Strongests intermolecular force?
weakest intermolecular force?
van derWaals
What can Intermolecular forces tell us?
they can help us determine the state of the matter the substance will be
define dipole-dipole forces
foreces that occure between 2 or more neutral, polar molecules
how are molecules with dipole-dipole force oriented?
the postive end and the negative end are close to each other and the force is between them
What influences the strength of a dipole-dipole force?
1) attraction of unlike charges
2)polarity (direcy relationship)
Molecules held together by dipole-dipole forces tend to occur between molecules that form into what state of matter?
Hydrogen bondings is a unique case of _______.
dipole-dipole forces.
Define hydrogen bonding.
a force that occurs between hyrdogen in 1 molecule and a highly electronegative atom in another.
hydrogen bonds most commonly form between hydrogen and _____, _____, or ____.
oxygen, nitrogen, or flourine
define London Dispersion force
forces that occur in everything due to the constant motion of e- compounds
how strong are london dispersion forces?
relatively weak
london dispersion forces are caused by a phenonomenon knowns as ______.
Instantaneious dipole formation
what is polarizability
ease of making a substance polar
strength of London dispersion force ______ down a group
polarizability _______ down a group
Anions have what charge?
Cations have what charge?