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What is the underlying cause of periodic trends?
variations in atomic stucture
trends - electronegativity
decrease from top to bottom
increase from left to right
trends - ionic size
cations smaller than atom from which they form

anions larger
trends - first ionization energy
decrease top to bottom

increase left to right

(opposite atomic size)
how do ions form?
electrons are transfered between atoms
how is the periodic table organized?
in order of increasing atomic number
What are the trends among the elements for atomic size
increase top to bottom

decrease left to right
how did chemists begin to organize the known elements
They used the properties of the elemtents to sort them into groups
how did Mendeleev organize his periodic table?
in order of increasing mass
What are three broad classes of elements?
metals, nonmetals, metalloids
What type of info can be displayed in a periodic table?
symbol and names of elements and info about the structure of the atom
How can elements be classified based on their electron configuration?
noble gasses, representative elements, transition metals, innertransition metals
What is flourine's electronegativity value
State the trends for atomic size in groups and periods
increases as down
decreases as across
hallogen valence electron configuration
ns^2 n p^5
What metal is not solid?
mercury (Hg)
Why is silicon an important metaloid?
silicon chips used in computers
Which nonmetal is a liquid?
Noble gasses are also called...
inert gasses
Why didn't medeleevs periodic table work
since there were isotopes, the atomic mass for a single element wasn't constant