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Aristotle did WHAT?
continuous matter
Demokritos and Leucippos did WHAT?
Granular matter
Paracelsus did WHAT?
advocated using chemistry to search for medicines. health guy.
Robert Boyle did WHAT?!
1st to perform quantitative experiment

The Skeptical Chemist, first chemistry book

1st definition of an element
Georg Stahl did WHAT?
Joseph Priestly did WHAT?
discovered oxygen by playing around with phlogiston
Antoine Lavoisier did WHAT?
Discovered law of conservation of mass

Named dephlogisticated air oxygen

Elementary Treatise on Chemistry

"Father of Modern Chemistry"
Joseph Proust did WHAT?
Law of definite proportions
John Dalton did WHAT?
Law of multiple proportions

A New System of Chemical Philosophy

Atomic Theory

Model of atom as hard sphere
Michael Faraday did WHAT?
Atoms contain particles with electric charge

Static Electricity
J.J. Thomson did WHAT?
Discovered electron

Cathode ray tube:
magnet experiment: - charge
paddle wheel experiment: mass
Maltese Cross experiment: travels straight

Plum Pudding Model
Robert Millikan did WHAT?
Determined charge of electron

Oil Drop Experiment
William Rontgen did WHAT?
discovered x-rays
Henri Becquerel did WHAT?
studied uranium

discovered radioactivity
Earnest Rutherford did WHAT?
Discovered nucleus

Gold Foil Experiment
Eugen Goldstein did WHAT?
Discovered the poton

Used cathode ray tube filled partially w/ hydrogen

Canal ray experiment
James Chadwick did WHAT??
Discovered the neutron

p and n are 2000 times more massive than e-