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Heneri Becquerel
first found radioactivity in U ore
Lord Rutherford
named the 3 types of U: alpha, beta, gamma
Nobel Prize
Gold foil nucleus, electrons orbit nuetron
Artificial Transmutation N-14 to O-14
Pierre Curie
(guy)film in cabinet

found a gram of polonium in one ton of pitchblende and also radium in pitchblende
Marie Curie
Nobel in Chemistry

Studied chem. for radium(got radioactivity)
Irene Curie
Produced first synthetic radioactive isotope(p-30), by bombarding Al-27 with alpha particles)
Frederic Joliot
Produced first synthetic radioactive isotope(p-30), by bombarding Al-27 with alpha particles)
Willard Libby
Carbon Dating
What is the difference between natural and iniduced radioactivity?
Natural: Unstable nuclei trying to become stable
Induced: Bombarding stable nucleus to make unstable ones
Artificial decay releases/does not release
is never alpha or beta, but can release gamma
Induced Radioactivity
positron decay, electron capture, nuclear bombardment
Enrico Fermi
built first nuclear reactor
Alpha Emission
Give off hydrogen 4, 2
Beta Emission
Nuetron becomes proton, and electron shot off
Nuclear Bombardment
Atoms shot at nuclides to cause different products
Positron Decay
Beta-Positive Decay:
Proton becomes a nuetron, and positive electron is shot out
Electron Capture
Electron captured:
captures inner electron, and proton becomes a nuetron
Nuclear Symbol
Nuclear Symbol
red blood cells
lymph glands
liver, eyes, tumors
cancerous tomor therapy