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Zero Order Rate?
Rate = K
Zero Order Integrated Rate?
[A] = Kt + [A initial]
Zero Order Straight Line?
[A] vs t
Zero Order Slope?
Zero Order Half Life?
[A initial]/(2K)
First Order Rate?
First Order Integrated Rate?
ln[A] = -Kt + ln[A initial]
First Order Straight Line?
ln[A] vs t
First Order Slope?
First Order Half Life?
Second Order Rate?
Second Order Integrated Rate?
1/[A] = Kt + 1/[A initial]
Second Order Straight Line?
1/[A] vs t
Second Order Slope?
Second Order Half Life?
1/(K[A initial])
Arrhenius Equation?
K = Ae^(-Ea/RT)
A = zp
z - Collision frequency
p - Steric factor
Ea - Energy of Activation
R - Universal Gas Constant
T - Kelvins
Arrhenius Equation solved for two two sets of numbers?
ln(K2/K1) = (Ea/R)(1/T1 - 1/T2)