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The science that deals with the structure of matter and the changes it can undergo.
Chemical change/reaction
Substances are used up and others are formed to take their places.
Physical change
The identities of the substance do not change. Involves changes of state.
Scientific method
A tool used in science and medicine to test hypotheses and theories by collecting facts.
A statement based on direct experience. It is a consistent and reproducible observation.
A statement that is proposed, without actual proof, to explain facts and their relationship
The formulation of an apparent relationship among certain observed phenomena, which has been verified to some extent.
Exponential notation
A method based on the powers of 10 used to handle large and small numbers.
Significant figures
Which digits convey information
Metric system
system of measurement
Factor-label method
Units are multiplied and divided in conversions from one unit to another
Three states of matter
solid, liquid, gas
Mass per unit of volume
Specific gravity
Density relative to water and thus has not units.
Kinetic energy
Energy of motion
Potential energy
Stored energy
A form of energy and is measured in calories.
Specific heat
Physical constant. The number of calories required to raise the temperature of 1g of a substance by 1 degree C