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What is science?
the search for facts about the world around us
Pure Science
search for a better understanding of the world; curious scientists
Applied Science
practical application of scientific discoveries; scientists who put discoveries to work
Scientific Method
the way a scientist solves a problem
What are the steps in the Scientific Method?
State a problem; Collecting observations or data; Searching for scientific laws; Form a hypothesis; Forming theories; Modifying theories
Controlled Experiments
experiments were only one variable is changed at a time
How do Scientists make sense of their data?
graphs; practice
Direct Graph
1 goes up; the other goes up
Inverse Graph
1 goes up; 1 goes down
a term for things that can be measured; length, mass, time, etc.
SI Unit for length
meter m
SI Unit for mass
kilogram kg
SI Unit for time
second s
SI Unit for amount of substance
mole mol
SI Unit for temperature
Kelvin K
SI Unit for electric current
Ampere A
SI Unit for luminous intensity
candela cd
SI Unit for energy
Joule J
SI derived unit for volume
cubic meter m³
SI derived unit for speed
meter/second m/s
SI derived unit for force
Newton kg·m/s²
getting close to the actual target
getting the same value over and over again
Significant Figures
the digits in a measurement that are known to certainty and one digit that is uncertain.
How many sig figs in 3.00?
How many sig figs in 20?
How many sig figs in 0.004?
How many sig figs in 400000.0254000?
When you multiply or divide the number with the ___ number of sig figs detaermines the number of sig figs in the answer.
SI derived unit for area
square meter m²
When adding and subtracting line up decimals and round off at the number farthest ot the ___ under a full column.
Percent Error
how far off your answer is from the actual answer
Observed Value/Measured Value
value obtained through experimentation
True Value/Actual Value/Accepted Value
value that's most probable based on many experiments and tests