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study of chemicals (compostition and structure); study of mixing and creating chemicals using the elements
Physical Chemistry
describes the behavior of chemicals
is the chemistry of living organisms
Analytical Chemistry
studies the composition of substances
Inorganic Chemistry
deals with compounds that do not contain the element carbon
Organic Chemistry
Chemistry based on the element carbon
Applied Chemistry
using knowledge learned from doing research to formulate a new type of substance
Scientific Method
logical approach that all scientists use to solve problems
concise statement that summarizes taht results of many observatioins and experiments
Why study chemistry?
1. You are made of chemicals and use chemicals everyday
2. Your natural desire to understand how chemistry works
3. If you want to become a scientist
4. Learn about current events that will directly affect your life
Pure Chemistry
Accumulates knowledge for its own sake
The modern world is primarily known as what age?
Plastic Age
What is the advantage of plastic over other materials?
It is x5 stronger, more flexible but is hard to break
an extensively tested explanation of why and an experiment gives certain results; can NEVER be proved
5 Steps of Scientific Method
1. Define Problem
2. Collect Data
3. Form a hypothesis
4. Experiment
5. Conclusion
Name 6 areas of science in which chemistry plays an important role.
Enivornment, Medicine & Biotechnology, Astronomy & Space Exploration, Agriculture, Energy
used your senses to obtain information directly
proposed explanation or reason for what is observed
to test a hypothesis
these are the parts of the experiment that state the same
Experimental factor
the part of the experiment that changes
anything that takes up space and has mass