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what is an element
substance made from only the same kind of atoms
wats a molecule
groups of atoms joined 2gether eg. O 2 &Cl 2
lists some laws about gases
daltons laws
boyle's laws
charles law
wat does daltons law state
if two or more gases are mixed, the pressure of the mixture is is the sum of the partial pressures of the gases in the mixtures
wat are atoms
very small particles which all things are made of
wat is a compound
a group of atoms that are not the same eg. H2O
what is energy
a force which makes things move and do work
wat may energy be classified as
kinetic and potential
wat are some other forms of energy
chemical, heat, electric, sound
wat is energy measured in
where is almost all our energy from
the sun
what is a pure substance
on which contains only one type of material
wat is a mixture
a mixture which contains more than one types of material
list an eg. of a mixture
a glass of lemonade
and the air we breathe
wat is a mixture of more that one solids called
an alloy
list an eg. of a mixture a solid and liquid
jelly, milk
eg. of a liquid and liquid
salad dressing and wine
eg. of gas and liquid
sprays, foam, soft fizzy drinks
eg of a mixture of gas and solid
eg. of a mixture of gas and gas
wat is a filtrate
the liquid which comes out when filtering
the remaining particles
wat is decanting
simply pouring the liquid off a solution and leaving the residue behind eg. sand and water
wat is a suspension
when a solid does not just sit a the bottom of a container with water bt instead is everywhere(suspnded)
give an eg. of suspension
dirty water
what are immiscible liquids
liquids which do not disolve in each other
what is an emulsion
when liquids have to shaken together for the to mix
an eg. of an immiscible liquid is
oil and water
an eg. of a emulsion is
an hair oil.
wen a solid does not melt but instead changes from one state to another this is called a
wat does chromatograhy mean
'colour writing'
wat is the pattern of spots on a paper called
a chromatogram
if a substance will dissolve in in a liquid we say it is
wat is a soluble solid called
a solute
wat liquid called
a solvent
a solvent + a solute ------>
wat 3 things affect solubility
1) the temperature,
2) mass of solute
3) mass of solvent
wen is a solution said to be saturated
when a solvent has dissolved as much solute as it can at a given temperature, and still has solute left (at the bottom)
how do you know wen as much solute as possible has been dissolved
some will be left over in the bottom
wat shows the variations of solubility with temperature
a solubility curve
1000g of water is the same as how much dm3
gases also dissolve in solvents meaning
just wat is says gases disslove in solvents
give an eg. of a gas which dissolves in a solvent
chlorine in water
soft drinks which has carbon dioxide dissolved in solvent
wat do u think happens wen a hot saturated solution cools?
solid starts to fall out of the solution in the form of crystals this is called crystallisation